Thursday, June 25, 2009

the beginnings of thegallery8680

we have always wanted to establish an art gallery within the walls of our church however never had the space to
do so until a major turn of events which rocked our world last year. we were meeting in a wedding chapel each sunday great place but we only had it for a few hours on a sunday. a year ago we were given notice it was to be sold and we would have to find new premises. we did in the first day of looking. a total mess that needed so much work to make it look presentable. we did a few days of major overhaul and were sitting in there on the 3rd august. come september after having our beautiful daughter whitney married to an incredible man of heart and worship peter james bixby we begin thinking we have our own space now we can think about having gallery space. inspired from the voice of benj as we sat in the moonlight of the northshore.. oahu. there was a small room in the front. well time passed we wrote a gallery statement but did not progress much further than that. time came to do even more changing; a wall came down, ugly cubicles came down, new walls went up. then the call for artists came; asher took a piece of paper to his art class and we got ten names of young artists. the work did not stop from that day to prepare the space for the gallery which has taken over 150 feet of wall.. the first exhibition was set in place. named
students@work it was a phenomenal success: with many encouraging words from artists in the local community. we are here now and are preparing for our second exhibition "art in summer". come back as i will continue to update with photos of all the last year of happeings.

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