Wednesday, March 30, 2011

thegallery8680 april free movie night will be showing:

girl with the pearl earring

friday april 29 @7pm

thegallery8680 @8680 w main street frisco tx.75034

johannes vermeer was a ducth painter in the times of the dutch golden age baroque. this movie brings to life the inspiration of the painting "the girl with the pearl earring: said to be on of his masterpieces. the film uses bright colors as seen in vermeers work.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Coming Friday April 22nd thegallery8680
will be opening its doors for an exciting exhibition
of emerging artists. keep watching this space
as we introduce the artists to you.

Movie Night @ thegallery8680

Time has come for March Movie Night
@ the gallery8680
Friday March 25th @ 7pm
8680 Main Street Frisco TX.

Come and enjoy this free movie event with fellow artists. We will be watching the life story of Georgia O'keefe a documentary . It looks at the development of her as an artist and as a person. Her husband Stieglitz an American photographer is also depicted in this made for TV movie. Although we do not see enough of her work we will walk away knowing that great artists are just people.

Press Release For "celebrating women artists"

thegallery8680 opened another great show this past month, as it continues to be a forerunner for the visual arts here in Frisco. This latest exhibition titled "Celebrating Women Artists" opened on February 11th and featured the works of ten highly accomplished artists from Texas. the show had broad appeal with representational and contemporary subjects, a;; with a unique female perspective.

Gallery Director, Robyn Parker Feehan has assembled a cast of artists that are well know for their quality work, and each leaves a mark on the show.

Collin College art professor, Eilene Carver, whose work observes the contradiction of women.s roles within domestic spaces, makes a big impression upon entering the gallery. her large scale oil painting and works on paper capture your attention with their detail and tecnical skill, as the symbolism used in her work keeps the viewr intrigued.

"My work is generated from personal experience and observartion," says carver. "Since I was a child i have had a certain affinity for interior spaces. I observed a great many contradictions about the role of women in these domestic spaces. The matriarchs of my family were strong minded and accomplished: yet their strenghts were well concealed within the outward trappings of a "good wife and mother".
The theme of home life and the roles of women are consistent throughout the show, but just as imprtasnt to these artists is the brilliant use of color.

Barbara Mason, a nationally acclaimed artists and resident of Frisco, is known for her vibrant palette as her water color comes alive on her canvases. Her work is featured in the side gallery and complimented by the richly textured works of Danna Gann, also of Frisco.
Another prominent theme is the artists love for nature.

From South Texas monica Fallini's colorful floral landscapes, too Nancy Lawerence's love for the Texas Hill country, an appreciation for the beauty of creation is evident.

Jan Partin, a photographer from Dallas, explains, "The outdoors is a sacred place for me and provides me with spititual and creative energy."

With this inspiration, these artits also inspire others. Elizabeth Padgett, an art teacher hopes her work will represent to the viewer the grace and majesty of her God whilst Elizabeth Trosper wants her work to provoke others to creativity.

Misty Foster is always busy developing and exploring her own art to bring vibrant energetic canvases. Marie Renfro wows us in her mastery of collage painting.

"We hope you will join us at future shows to become famialr with original art and make a choice to be apart of the talented local art scene in your city."